05 Aug Radio Silence 2020

Solo Exhibition at Messums 2020

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Messums London
2 – 26 September, 2020
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Messums Wiltshire
30 September – 18 October, 2020

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The starting point for this body of work was to explore the relationship between geometry and it’s geometry. A study of complicated, spinning objects that are trying to identify other spinning objects in time and space. Highly functional, good at performing the singular and acutely specific task to receive a signal.

The signals vary from that of the utmost importance, to the banal and outright dangerous. It is how we interpret them that gives each its significance and moral weight.

There is a deliberate play between the tension and stress of architectural forms and the technical assemblies. The forms follow my own logic, and the iconography and symbolism follow my own free form narratives.

These are monuments created to recognise the reality of the unknown, of being unknown, of all the things left unsaid, and also of being completely unremarkable in the context of the universe.

They are my interpretations of the interpreters.